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Lionmall giving you more than “success” 
Today, Lionmall Co., Ltd. Is established with the experiences of the managers and staff that spend their time in in learning and dedicate to network business to know and understand the wishes of the businessperson that wants to achieve ultimately. The strength of Lionmall is the high-quality products that can consume continuously. Our purchase is based on IT system that includes registration, purchase, commission calculation and the network management of all consumers. These systems are immediately updated via online system.

Manas Lion, PhD.
    Welcome “Lionmall” businessperson who wants to quickly achieve the great and sustained success. We will take you to the future of business world that is borderless and limitless. From now on, everyone will become one of “Lionmall” to achieve the great success. You could just open your mind and ready to walk toward the achievement by yourself by having Lionmall team which is ready and faithful to stay by your side and push you in every step toward your success in career, financial position, health, family, and award. These go together with chances and success sharing to others along your journey of “Lionmall.” 
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   Manager’s Interview
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Managing Director
“Lionmall” is one of network business that doesn’t aim only at profit. Today, we get the acceptance from many people in many areas in terms of giving motivation to people and joining their spirits together. We also develop and change the quality of life to be better than before. 

Today, “Lionmall” aims to develop the organization and establish the management system not only the quality of product but also the development of membership system. We aim to get the highest efficiency in doing business with “Lionmall” for chances to create a life that achieves sustainably and can share your success. Moreover, you can promote your knowledge and skill and can make happiness including your sustainable financial position. 

Lionmall giving you more than success.
   Manager’s Interview
We are company that cooperates by giving importance to these 5 values

1. Aim for success

2. Continuously develop

3. High faithfulness and moral

4. Teamwork

5. Care and share

Lionmall Co., Ltd.
39/269-270 Moo.4 Beungkumproy Lumlookka Pathumthani 12150
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